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The Health Care Future - Defining the Argument, Healing the Debate.
"I highly recommend this book. It is a lucid, thoughtful, and elegantly written presentation of key tensions and ethical dilemmas in today's heath care world. The authors address complicated issues while avoiding dogmatic, simplistic answers. Instead, they invite readers to enter into dialogue and to join them in contemplating the right questions. Dr. Pattee, calling on his long experience as a medical clinician, educator and health care administrator, invites community and professional groups (and all Americans) to create discourse that will build avenues to better and fairer health care provision for all America."

Rosalie A. Kane, D.S.W.
School of Public Health
University of Minnesota

"The Health Care Future: Defining the Argument, Healing the Debate offers an optimistic view of our health care future. The discussion reflects a basic belief that discourse and thoughtful public debate (in keeping with the tenets of participatory government) can achieve consensus and create productive directions. Everyone in the health profession - and all those served by it - should read this book."

Rebecca D. Elon, M.D., M.P.H
Associate Professor of Medicine
John Hopkins University School of Medicine

"Anyone who cares about the American health care system should read this book. It transcends politics and gets to the heart of who we are as health consumers (and as a society) and what we can become."

Eric G. Tangalos, M.D.
Associate Professor of Medicine
Head, Section of Geriatrics
Mayo Clinic Foundation